Say Hi to User Feedback & Reactions

Announcekit now works both ways! With the new Feedback feature, your visitors can leave a reaction or text based response to your posts.

No more long survey users never fill in! 🙌

Make it easy for customers to react and share their feedback. All they need to do is to click on emoji! Discover right away if your company is on the right track.

Introduce smart ways to hear your user’s opinions and let them know that their voices are being heard.

Sounds great? Tell us your feedback down below 😉

Meet our new Sidebar Widget

Our sidebar widget is cooler than it was. Now you can display your full posts, including images, videos, code samples, etc within the widget. No need to direct users to a secondary page.

And this is not it! The sidebar is also faster than before, without adding any bloat to your pages. 🔥

Give it a shot using the new configuration settings on your widgets page and let us know if you have more suggestions.

Easier Authoring With the Rich Text Editor

Markdown is a great way to write content on any device, and that’s the main reason we prefer to use it :) It is difficult for some new users to write in markdown since it requires to look at the reference.

Now we support rich text editing features on post bodies, in addition to Markdown. It is a lot easier to decorate text / add links or images and view the resulting format as is while you are editing your posts.

You can also switch to Markdown editor anytime if you want and have the best of both worlds.

Language Support for Newsfeed and Changelog

Today we released language support for users who want to provide their changelogs fully in their native language.
Please note that only public feed and widgets will be translated. Dashboard will remain in English.

Currently supported languages;

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish

Please get in touch for language requests.

Animated GIFs Are Now Supported

GIFs are a great way to spice up your changelog posts or add small video clips showing off the new features to your users. Now you can upload animated gif clips in your AnnounceKit posts.

Time to celebrate!

Track Your Views With Google Analytics

Numbers matter. We know how important is to track views of your posts.

Today we released Google Analytics integration. To connect your GA account, you need to enter your property ID under Project Settings.

  • Post views are tracked as pageviews.
  • Widget views are tracked as events.

Embeddable Feed Widget

We developed a new type of widget which you can embed to your dashboard or any visible place to ensure your users see your latest updates.

Private Feed Feature

Today we released Private Feed and Hide from Search Engines features for users who have privacy concerns.

Private Feed feature will block access to your feed and return 404. Access to posts will be only available from widgets, and each post will have a unique expiring link for each IP.

Hide from Search Engines feature, as is evident from its name, blocks search bots to crawl your posts. All of your posts will be still public and your public feed will be available.

Both features are only available in the Pro plan.

A Fresh Look for Widgets

We know how important is your website design and want to make a small contribution. Today we released a new look for our Popup and Sidebar widgets. Now, widgets are faster, smoother and lightweight.

Widgets created before this release will have the older design. To update your design you need to create a new one.

Importing Posts from Headway, GitHub

To make things easier for our users to migrate from other services or keep track of their GitHub releases, we just released the Import service.

You can find the panel under your project settings.

If you wish to import from Headway, simply select HeadWay as your source and provide the public feed url as source. In a couple of minutes, all your posts will appear under your Announcekit project.

Choosing GitHub provides a nice extra feature. When you provide a repo url, we’ll parse the releases and create automated changelog posts for you. As a bonus, if you choose Auto Import New Releases feature, we’ll keep importing new release notes from the repo. This way you can simply create GitHub releases and all the release logs will automatically appear on Announcekit!

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