Embeddable Feed Widget

We developed a new type of widget which you can embed to your dashboard or any visible place to ensure your users see your latest updates.

Private Feed Feature

Today we released Private Feed and Hide from Search Engines features for users who have privacy concerns.

Private Feed feature will block access to your feed and return 404. Access to posts will be only available from widgets, and each post will have a unique expiring link for each IP.

Hide from Search Engines feature, as is evident from its name, blocks search bots to crawl your posts. All of your posts will be still public and your public feed will be available.

Both features are only available in the Pro plan.

A Fresh Look for Widgets

We know how important is your website design and want to make a small contribution. Today we released a new look for our Popup and Sidebar widgets. Now, widgets are faster, smoother and lightweight.

Widgets created before this release will have the older design. To update your design you need to create a new one.

Importing Posts from Headway, GitHub

To make things easier for our users to migrate from other services or keep track of their GitHub releases, we just released the Import service.

You can find the panel under your project settings.

If you wish to import from Headway, simply select HeadWay as your source and provide the public feed url as source. In a couple of minutes, all your posts will appear under your Announcekit project.

Choosing GitHub provides a nice extra feature. When you provide a repo url, we’ll parse the releases and create automated changelog posts for you. As a bonus, if you choose Auto Import New Releases feature, we’ll keep importing new release notes from the repo. This way you can simply create GitHub releases and all the release logs will automatically appear on Announcekit!

You Can Now Invite Your Teammates

We are happy to announce you team collaboration feature.
If you work in a team or like to collaborate with friends on side-projects then you will love it.

Look for Collaborators tab under the Settings. You can up to 20 teammates for each project.

AnnounceKit Public Release 🎊

After weeks of hard work and hundreds of coffee cups, we are proud to present you AnnounceKit. Some features are not ready yet, and it probably has plenty of bugs. But, we are working on it.