🔥 Achtung! User Tracking & Segmentation

Meet our new Business Plan! All this time we have been working on making our Feedback & Reaction feature more powerful. With a cherry on a cake – Segmentation!

Feedback feature is more effective than ever before and provides compelling insights!

User Tracking

Introducing User Tracking. From now on two new sections are going to appear on your dashboard: Activity and People.

People section is essentially a list of all your users including the ones, who have subscribed to your updates.

You can access detailed accounts about each individual. You will know their email address, name, company, country, when they first signed up and last seen. Everything is in one place! Moreover, every account includes a summary of all activities. What posts they felt happy about and feedback they've provided.

Integrate this information to make smart decisions!

And People section is essentially a list of all your users including the ones, who have subscribed to your updates.

Disclaimer: It will take time for system to capture data. For now all previous activities are done by mystical Someone. :)


We are happy to announce a brand new Segmentation feature!

Now you can send customers targeted messages. Talk to specific groups or directly to one user. The filters include signed up, first seen, country and web sessions, that help you to identify groups of interest. Combined with filter conditions it becomes your ultimate superpower feature.

🥳 Wordpress plugin we all have been waiting for

In less than a few clicks, without a single line of coding, enjoy AnnounceKit Wordpress widget!

All Wordpress users can add AnnounceKit widgets easily without editing and modifying your website template.

💢 You can install your WP plugin here OR install the plugin from WP Admin ➡️ Plugins ➡️ Add new and search for AnnounceKit.

We've prepared easy 3 steps only tutorial for you. Go check it out!

Slack Integration

We’ve listened to your feedback and happy to present you a brand new Slack Integration.

We wanted to give some care for those who don't have time to come here on a daily basis and check your Feedback, Emoji Reactions, and New subscribers alert.

Every time a person sends you feedback or reacts by clicking on emoji or subscribes to your announcements, you will automatically get notified about it in your Slack channel.

👉  Go to Integrations on your dashboard and setup your Slack integration.

🎊 Meet our brand new Floating Widget

We know how to triple your engagements rates and bring users attention to your updates. Floating widget is your simple solution available to all subscription plans.

Go to Widget on your Dashboard ➡️ Create new ➡️ Select type ➡️ Float ➡️ Scroll down and customize it as you want 💡 

Customize Floating widget:

  • Pop-up, sidebar or direct link.
  • Variety of badge icons: bell, chat bubble, gift box, rocket, etc.
  • Badge position: Bottom right, bottom left.
  • Badge color and accent color.

We’ve launched public roadmap!

At AnnounceKit we don’t like fluffy words. We make actions. Real actions.​

​You all have features you would like to be developed by our team. And we are eager to make it happen.

We’ve launched public roadmap, where you can contribute your suggestions and vote for the ones you want to see implemented.  

Or simply follow the link and see what is waiting for you in the next few months are heading.

​👉👉👉Check out our roadmap​

New Plans are available

As you’ve probably noticed, AnnounceKit team is committed to make our product more powerful and bring you more value. We’ve recently released new features: Feedback & Reactions, Subscription, and killed an ARMY of evil bugs. Segmentation and Intercom integrations are on their way! 🎉 🎉🎉

We want to make AnnounceKit affordable and suitable for teams of all sizes. Either you are just starting out or a successful business (Hurray!) we now offer a plan for each one of you. 🙌

Free plan: Simple solution for personal use to explore and try out.

Lite: For teams of all sizes who are just starting out.

Startup: Feature-rich solution for startups big or small.

Business: For enterprise teams with custom needs. (Coming soon)

Enjoy the new Subscription Feature

We are happy to announce that your users can now subscribe to your updates! 💃💃💃 Bring their attention to the latest news even when they are away from your website by automatically sending them an email to their inbox.

Your loyal customers will be excited to be the first to know.

You can make our team smile by subscribing to AnnounceKit announcements 🙃

Say Hi to User Feedback & Reactions

Announcekit now works both ways! With the new Feedback feature, your visitors can leave a reaction or text based response to your posts.

No more long survey users never fill in! 🙌

Make it easy for customers to react and share their feedback. All they need to do is to click on emoji! Discover right away if your company is on the right track.

Introduce smart ways to hear your user’s opinions and let them know that their voices are being heard.

Sounds great? Tell us your feedback down below 😉

Meet our new Sidebar Widget

Our sidebar widget is cooler than it was. Now you can display your full posts, including images, videos, code samples, etc within the widget. No need to direct users to a secondary page.

And this is not it! The sidebar is also faster than before, without adding any bloat to your pages. 🔥

Give it a shot using the new configuration settings on your widgets page and let us know if you have more suggestions.

Easier Authoring With the Rich Text Editor

Markdown is a great way to write content on any device, and that’s the main reason we prefer to use it :) It is difficult for some new users to write in markdown since it requires to look at the reference.

Now we support rich text editing features on post bodies, in addition to Markdown. It is a lot easier to decorate text / add links or images and view the resulting format as is while you are editing your posts.

You can also switch to Markdown editor anytime if you want and have the best of both worlds.

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