Minimalist Badge Launcher

All of us love the minimalist design approach. Mostly it has become a necessity, rather than an option, especially on web design, where you have a lot of elements that could distract your users.

If you have a minimalist webpage, or want a tiny badge launcher without an unread number indicator, you can switch to the Minimalist appearance in the Launcher Settings section.

Harder Better Faster Stronger - Brand New Widget

We are happy to announce you our new widget 🎊 

Both widget and widget creation process is redesigned from scratch. We revamped the widget architecture to pave the way for further development and exciting new features. (Hint: There will be super-cool features soon 😎)

👉Create your new widget here

PS: We deprecated previous Top Bar and Pop-up widgets and included them as a feature to all widget types. 

Two-Factor Authentication

We take security seriously and keep improving it by applying the best practices and security standarts. And Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the one of these security improvements.

2FA adds an extra security step on login asking a token which is produced from your authorized device. So even you accidentally expose your password, it protects your account from unauthorized logins.

You can use Google Authenticator or any other TOTP app to create your One-Time Password token.

Two Factor Authentication is optional to use, but we highly recommend it.

Go to User Profile section to turn on 2FA on your account.

Segment Profiles

When you create a segmented post, you need to choose the segmentation rules repeatedly. So creating a more complex segmented post can be confusing since you need to remember and set all segmentation rules each time.

Now you can create a Segment Profile and use it each time you create a segmented post. Moreover, you can filter user activities by segment profiles.

Good News for You! Brand-New Text Editor 👏

We were receiving a lot of complaints about our current text editor. 🙈 Following the feedback, we've decided to get rid of it. 🎉 

Now it's replaced with a consistent, highly extensive, and powerful text editor. We kept all existing features like embeds, code block, labeling, auto-save and implemented emoji tools. Also we have plans to integrate an icon set (FontAwesome), so stay tuned.

Modal Widget We All Have Been Waiting For

We are happy to announce our brand new Modal Widget. It was the most requested widget type in our Feedback/Request list. So at long last, we're able to release it. 🙈

Modal Widget is a simple modal which pops up from the bottom of the webpage. It's a very effective solution to catch visitors' attention and inform them about your product updates and announcements.

You can change the primary colors from the dashboard, but if you need more customization, please check our Styling documentation article.

We're waiting for your suggestions and feedback! 💌

Announcement Bar Widget

Here is our brand new Bar widget. This widget type became very popular, so we decided to integrate it into the AnnounceKit.

You can change widget style, and make it to fit your web design. Check our Styling documentation page.

We keep working on releasing new features and improve the product. Modal widget is on the way ;)

Search in Feed, Widget and Dashboard

Here is a nice improvement for you and your users. We have just released new advanced search functionality for your feed and dashboard. Now your users can search for a specific announcement, not wasting their time looking through all published posts.

📊 Brand new Analytics Dashboard

Today, we're excited to announce a feature that we all have been waiting for; An analytics dashboard that incorporates all widget / feed and post interaction in an easy to use fashion.

If you wish to inspect your widget view rates, post views, feedback stats and more in detail, go ahead and head to your Analytics dashboard and learn more about your users.

If you have analytic data suggestions / requests, just drop us a message!

🔐 Security Improvements for Private Feed and Widgets

We care deeply and working hard to keep our customers feed secure. Over the last few weeks, we have been working on some improvements that will make feeds and widgets more secure and convenient to share at the same time.

Beside security improvements, also we've implemented Cookie-Based Authentication feature for Private Feeds. Now you can share your feed only with your authenticated users.

For more information and setup please visit Feed Settings

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