Turn off/on Slack notifications

Users configured Slack integration, this improvement is for you! Currently, you receive Reactions and Feedback notifications into your Slack channel. But now you can turn off notifications that you aren't interested in. Check out the Integration Settings page.

Good news for you! Brand-new text editor 👏

We were receiving a lot of complaints about our current text editor. 🙈 Following the feedback, we've decided to get rid of it. 🎉 

Now it's replaced with a consistent, highly extensive, and powerful text editor. We kept all existing features like embeds, code block, labeling, auto-save and implemented emoji tools. Also we have plans to integrate an icon set (FontAwesome), so stay tuned.

Client-side performance improvements

Good news for you! We've released some performance improvements to make your feed and widgets lighter, and loading faster. ⚡️

We've applied some of best practices like;

  • lazy-loading for video embeds,
  • images format optimizations (webp),
  • MP4 replacement for GIF
  • and a bunch of small improvements


Dashboard improvements

  • Full post view for Embed type widget
  • Email notification preview

  • Editor minor
  • Email notification events
  • Missing Portuguese translations

🔐 Security improvements for Private Feed and Widgets

We care deeply and working hard to keep our customers feed secure. Over the last few weeks, we have been working on some improvements that will make feeds and widgets more secure and convenient to share at the same time.

Beside security improvements, also we've implemented Cookie-Based Authentication feature for Private Feeds. Now you can share your feed only with your authenticated users.

For more information and setup please visit Feed Settings

More improvements for the feed

  • Alignment support in editor
  • Embed support for Youtube, Vimeo, Vidyard, Facebook Video, and other services.
  • Image preview modal
  • Read More button for feed posts

  • Lazy-loading in feed
  • Transparent favicon
  • Image upload size limit 20MB

Mention labels inside the post


Sometimes all we have an announcement about a few issues in one single post. Some bug fixes, newly released features, and enhancements, etc. We can post them separately, but it doesn't look good always since it just can be only a few words about one minor bug fix. Now you can insert post labels inside the editor and mention about them under the label. Like in this post 🤗

  • Favicon fetching

  • Dutch Language Support

More customization options for widgets

We got some requests to have an option to hide the widget when there are no unread messages. Now you can choose whether you want to show or hide your Badge and Float type widget, from Widget configuration page.

Image placeholders

Image placeholders were loading before the widget get opened. Those placeholders may affect page load speed, so we changed the behavior of how they are loaded. Now, these placeholders will be loaded as the widget get opened.

Chrome 76 comes with its native lazyloading solution. It's a great convenience to handle image loading, so we also implemented it.

Also we added a email subscription status to the People section, so you can filter people by their subscription status.